Research Methodology: – Social Science Research (Part – 4)

61. Streamlined steps in the research process

  • Content collection, – Content analysis, – Literature survey, – Problem determination

62. well-matched

  • Tools of SocialScience – JohnMage
  • Oral Life Passive Interview – Klokohan
  • Research Methods in the Behavioral Signs – Fastener and Cats
  • Field Project for Sociology – Wiseman & Aaron

63. True statement

  • Research design is related to social research
  • It simplifies social events
  • Research design complicates the situation ahead of the research process
  • The outline of this research is prepared before doing research work.

64. Correct statement

  • Research design is based on research problem
  • It simplifies the work by saving honorable labor and money.
  • Behavioral research is a research method that aims to solve a practical problem of immediate or far-reaching importance.
  • In experimental research, the researcher operates or controls one or more independent four.
  • Practical research in various forms of research implies the growth and certification of knowledge.

65. Correct statement

  • The objectives of social research are both theory and practical
  • Karlpiersson’s statement that the unity of all science lies in his method and not his subject matter.

66. Characteristics of scientific method

  • subjectivity, probity, determinism

Research Methodology: – Social Science Research (Part – 3)

67. Correct statement

  • There is a total of 25 stages of research design construction.
  • In its final phase, such a provision is made that employees and studies should establish mutual cohesion and coordination and edit research work.
  • In its phase 15, higher categories are selected and defined for classification of data.

68. Celebrates the foundations of social research.

  • Possibility of ideal formats.
  • Sequence or rule in social events.
  • Possibility of representative demonstration.

69. The sources of the hypothesis are

  • analogy (ii) general culture (iii) individual experience

70. Step-by-step creation of research design

  • To present the study problem.
  • To relate the current research work to the research problem.
  • Determining limitations of research work.
  • To present a detailed description of the research area.

71. A good research hypothesis is identified on the basis of some of its characteristics.

  • Explicit (ii) Relation to prior principles (iii) Survey by survey

72. Sort of stages of scientific method of social science research method of Augusta Comte

  • Choice of subject – Compilation of facts – Classification of facts – Testing of facts – Formulation of rules

73. Describing the purpose of the hypothesis, the sociologist has said that “it provides direction for research and relieves the study of unnecessary literature” – George J. Mule

74. “Social survey is a compilation of people in relation to the living conditions and working conditions of a particular community.” – Bogadars

Reasons for the growth of delegated legislation

75. Statement (A) Our hypothesis may be confirmed as a result of sociological investigation, in which case we tend to believe more in the general theoretical framework from which this specific hypothesis was developed.

Reason (R) Generally, the traditional concept is neither fully supported nor completely rejected.

  • Both A and R are correct, and R is the correct explanation of A.

76. Statement (A) Research in relation to administrative problems is under operational research.

Reason (R) Community effort is functional research keeping in mind the characteristics of a community.

  • Both A and R are correct, but R is not the correct explanation of A.

77. Statement (A) Social research is a means of attaining knowledge of archaic facts, verification of archaic facts.

Reason (R) is the result of human life thoughts.

  • A is correct, but R is false

78. Statement (A) The function of scientific method is to observe the events of nature.

Reason (R) Some prediction is made based on the hypothesis.

  • Both A and R are correct, but R is not the correct explanation of A.

79. Statement (A) A researcher should have utmost patience and self control.

Reason (R) Indiscipline overwhelmed by imagination.

  • A is correct, but R is false

80. Statement (A) is the process of research, inspection

Reason (R) is the use of microscopes and binoculars for inspection.

  • Both A and R are correct, but R is not the correct explanation of A.