Research Methodology: – Social Science Research (Part – 3)

41. How the scientific method works – on inspection

  • First a component or event of the universe is observed.
  • A possible hypothesis is drawn that matches the data obtained.
  • Some predictions are made based on the hypothesis.

42. The objective of social science research is to discover new facts.

  • Its purpose is to verify archaic facts and present new facts. Relationships between different variables have to be found.
  • To expand knowledge and to build theory based on the knowledge gained.
  • The main objective is to solve social problems by improving the information received from social research, improving social policy and quality of life.

43. What is required for fairness in social science research? – Authenticity of facts without prejudice

44. Match

  • Functional Research          –                  Community Life
  • Operational research                   –                  administrative problem
  • Observation                        –                  Careful timing of events
  • Incorporation                      –                  inference about properties

45. Match

  • Purpose of research                     –                  Deliverance to new facts
  • Importance of research                –                  diagnosis of bias
  • Experimental research                 –                  monitoring the effects produced
  • Research element                        –                  knowing the cause of the problem

46. Match

  • Experimental research                 –                  examining variables and their effects
  • Practical research              –                  solving practical problems
  • Social Research                           –                  Study of social relations
  • Basic Research                            –                  laying the foundation for applied research

47. Research serially

Inspection – description – use – work – discussion

Research Methodology: – Social Science Research (Part – 2)

48. Match

  • Methods in Social Research                            –                  Gude and Hogt
  • The Romans of Research                      –                  Radman and Mori
  • Social Theory and Social Structure               –                  Beesage
  • Modern Society                                               –                  Willman & Atone
  • Scientific Study of Human Society                –                  FH Giddings
  • Field Project for Sociology                     –                  Robert K. Merton

49. In the book Social Research of Dr. Surendra Singh, the researcher has been asked which questions to ask himself.

  • How much information he has about the research problem.
  • Different sources of information and their reliability and authenticity.
  • Use of means and sources for obtaining information.

50. Match

  • Carl Pearson   –        Integration of all science is in his method and not in the content
  • Gude and hot  –        science is a method of attitude towards the entire empirical world.
  • Change            –        It works with science method and not with content
  • Lundberg                  –        The scientific method is systematic observation classification and election

51. Match

  • Element of Research                    –                  Whitney
  • Social Research                                     –                  GA Lundberg
  • American General of Sociology    –                  Burgess
  • The Local Social Survey Britain   –                  Wales

52. What is social research – groups and interactions

Social science research works to study human behavior and answer questions related to it, by which we are able to understand clear and unclear phenomena related to human behavior.

53. The main objective of basic research is to build structures – Andrias

Delegated Legislation

54. A research design manages those conditions for data compilation and analysis – Cook

55. Science means systematic way of acquiring knowledge or efficient search – ekoff

56. Integration of all sciences is only in his method and not in his subject matter – Carl Pearson

57. The hypothesis is about the possible relation of two or more variables – Karlinger

58. Objective of social survey

  • Study of life conditions
  • Accurate description of events

59. Sociologist

  • Twine Care – Facts in science have the same role as brick and stone in a house
  • Churchman and Acoff – Science means a systematic way of acquiring knowledge.
  • Augustacomte – Philosophy or vision has no place in scientific method
  • Carl Pearson – the unity of science is only in his method

60. The work of research design is

  • It provides the researcher with a framework to study social questions
  • It determines the field of research work


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