Research Methodology: – Social Science Research (Part – 5)

81. Statement (A) is not possible to study the effects of the effects of the circulation by circulating it in a causal form.

Reason (R) The main purpose of basic research is to create new structures.

  • Both A and R are correct, and R is the correct explanation of A.

82. Statement (A) The objectivity of research is based on the fact that its interpretation is not a fact-based one.

Reason (R) because the reliability of research may be affected.

  • Both A and R are correct, and R is the correct explanation of A.

June 2014

83. Research studies conducted to test hypotheses indicating causal relationship through four are called – experimental studies

Research Methodology: – Social Science Research (Part – 4)

84. Reflective scientific method

  • “Science never accuses anything, science mentions. The goal of science is nothing more than to make its objectives true and to make adequate statements about them. ” – Ethical Neutrality

85. What conditions are helpful for formulation of research problem?

  • Study of relevant literature
  • self-direct observation
  • Experience survey

86. The Life Blood of Science According to Carl Pearson? – Criticism

Research Methodology: – Social Science Research

87. The hypothesis is correct

  • Conceptually and conceptually clear.
  • It is related to a principle body.
  • This experience is auditable.

Dec – 2014

88. “Science is for life, not life science” – Robert & Lind

89. Applicable hypothesis

  • It should be conceptually clear.
  • It should have empirical reference.
  • It should be normal.

June – 2015

90. Characterization of scientific method by Johnson

  • It is ethical.
  • It is theoretical.
  • It is cumulative.

91. In the form of hypotheses aimed at finding out the assumed and existing relations of logical tests by means of empirical based general statements, what is known as? – Complex ideal morphological hypotheses

Dec – 2015

92. For what reason does the investigation of experimental hypothesis cause experimental error in related research? – Brahma variable

93. A proposal which is put to the test to determine its validity is defined as? – hypothesis

what do you mean by Communication?

Aug – 2016

94. Characterization of scientific method

  • Dependence on empirical evidence
  • generality
  • predictability based

Research Methodology: – Social Science Research

95. Review of literature in research studies related to

  • Analysis of prior research on the same subject
  • Reading and analysis of published material
  • Aggregation of previously published ideas

96. Characterization of scientific research

  • Objectivity
  • truthfulness
  • serialization

97. Regarding last note (and note) and footnote (footnote) while writing research paper

  • The final note is given at the end of the paper before the bibliography.
  • These are means of inclusion of additional information.
  • Final note and footnote are used to source the idea to the reader.

98. Regarding the rendering of a useful concept

  • Must have a clear understanding of the theoretical framework.
  • Researcher ability to use theoretical framework logically.
  • The researchers should have knowledge of the techniques, so that the concept can be expressed in an appropriate way.

99. A form of research study aimed at finding out the specific field problems and important variables involved in it – pilot study

June – 2017

100. “Knowledge collection for knowledge is called pure or basic research” – Paulinevi Young

101. About the factors to be taken into consideration for preparing an appropriate research design

  • Types of research problem that will be studied.
  • Ways of getting information
  • Availability of researcher skills

102. Individual study as “a comprehensive study of an individual, a group, a social institution, a district or a community-like social unit” – Paulinevi Young

Research Methodology: – Social Science Research

103. The behavioral approach argues-

  • community level analysis
  • Experimental study of data in the field
  • Value-free scientific method

Nov – 2017

104. “Criticism is the life force of science” is characteristic of the scientific method referenced by this phrase by Karl Pierson – Public methodology of decision-making

105. Characterization of usability hypothesis

  • It should be testable naturally.
  • It needs to be specific.
  • It should be related to the main part of the theory.

106. What does pre-testing mean in research methodology? – Investigation of statistics collection tools

July – 2018

107. “Science is the attempt of the human mind to find the relationship between a group of ideas and a set of phenomena” – J. J. Thompson

108. Which theory provides protection from the effects of bound factors in experimental research design-based studies? – Principle of Randomization

109. Characterization of usability hypothesis

  • The hypothesis must be related to a theory.
  • The hypothesis should be empirically testable.
  • The hypothesis must be specialized.

110. Characterization of scientific method

  • Dependence on empirical practices
  • Commitment to Objectivity
  • generality

111. According to Pharrell Handy, “the focal point is more explicit about its focused subject and focuses on certain particular components or features of the administrative system – the middle-level theory formulation.

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