District administration concept and emergence (Part – 1)

District administration concept and emergence

  1. In modern times, district administration is considered whose unit – regional administration
  2. In the implementation of Panchayati Raj system, accountability of the state administration is created by whom? – District administration
    District administration is a dual entity in India from the point of view of public administration.
    • On the one hand there is a regional unit of district administration, on the other hand it has become the administrative unit of development of the federal government due to the effective implementation of the Panchayati system.
  3. Is under the jurisdiction of the Collector.
    Development, – Security, – Regulatory
    Two important functions of social and political life, security and development come under the purview of the district administration.
  4. Who created the post of Collector? – Lord Warren Hastings
    • In 1772 AD, Warren Hastings created the post of District Collector for the first time in India.
  5. The principal work of the District Collector was during the British rule.
    To maintain law and order
    • Revenue Recovery
    • To make peace
  6. The correct statement about the Collector
    Recruitment by Union Public Service Commission
    • Regulation of Terms of Service by the Government of India
    • General state control
    • His tenure has been provided by Article 311.
    • They cannot be suspended or demoted without the permission of the Central Government.
  7. In India, the District Officer is the Election Officer at the time of election as the Election Officer
    Lok Sabha elections, – Assembly, – Local bodies
  8. Officer acts as Election Officer for Parliamentary and Assembly elections – District Collector
  9. What responsibility does the District Officer act as –
    As Election Officer
    • As District Census Officer
    • As a disaster prevention officer
  10. Who is associated with the Collector as District Development Officer – Panchayati Raj
    As a result of Panchayati Raj establishment and community development program, Collector has started working as District Development Officer.
  11. Research Methodology: – Social Science Research (Part – 3)
  12. Which committee recommended to separate the District Collector from development works and hand him over to a new post – Ashok Mehta Committee
    The Ashok Mehta Committee had said in its report that the post of a Chief Executive Officer should be created at the district level, under whose control all the administration related to the development of the district will be maintained.
  13. Which committee recommended the development of the collector and the division of the rules? – Card Committee
    At the district level the Collector is called the applicable government i.e. all-in-one has come.
  14. The famous Lakhina scheme is related to which improvement? – District Administration
    The main objective of this reform is to fulfill the responsibility of the district administration and change the negative image of the administration.
    • The then Collector of Ahmednagar Mr. Anil Kumar Lakhina attracted the attention of the entire country by implementing a reform scheme in the year 1984 in his district office.
    Three types of Lakhina Improvement Scheme focus on improvement

    i. Renewal of civil clerk relations
    ii. Simplify the office process so that files and records are easily available
    iii. Favorable conditions and agile physical environment for office workers
  15. The basis of revenue administration in the district is – Patwari or Lekhpal
  16. “Lekhpal has been considered the basis of revenue administration in the district” – S. S KheraAdministrative adjudication
  17. In which part provision has been made for the administration of Scheduled Caste or Tribe area? – Part 10
    In Part 10 and Article 244 of the Constitution, in some areas which are designated Scheduled Areas and Tribal Areas.
    • The President has the right to declare any area in India as a Scheduled Area.
    • The fifth schedule of the Constitution discusses the administration and control of the Scheduled Areas and Scheduled Tribes of the states.
  18. In which schedule of the constitution is the provision of autonomous district council. – Sixth Schedule
    Special provisions in the tribal areas in the four northeastern states of Assam, Meghalaya, Mizoram and Tripura are mentioned in the Sixth Schedule of the Constitution.
  19. What is provided for the tribe people in the Sixth Schedule of the Constitution? – Formation of an autonomous district council
  20. Who has the right to establish or restore autonomous districts? – to the governor
    For every 87 districts, there will be a Zilla Parishad consisting of 30 members.
    • Of these 30 members, 4 members will be nominated by the Governor and 26 members will be elected on the basis of adult suffrage.
    • The elected members of the Autonomous District Council have a term of 5 years.
    • The tenure of the members nominated by the Governor is not fixed, they will remain in office till the Governor’s offerings.
  21. What are the areas of Mizoram state where the Autonomous District Council has been formed. – Chakma District, Mara District, Lai District


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