Research Design : Methods of Data Collection (Part – 5)

Research Design : Methods of Data Collection (Part – 5)

81. Matching

  • PV Young – Sampling
  • Computation method – census experiment
  • Pope – Questionnaire
  • Johnson – Report        

82. Key features of the questionnaire

  • Questionnaire is a list of questions.
  • Questionnaire is used only by educated class.
  • Questionnaire writing
  • The questions used by including them are published by type or cyclostyle.
  • While filling the questionnaire, the researcher and the enumerator do not provide any assistance to the informer.
  • Questionnaire questions are constructed keeping in mind the purpose and nature of the topic of the search.

83. What is Convenience Sampling?

  • Accidental or accidental guidance
  • Non-probability sampling
  • chaotic show

84. Match

  • For social research in which social In-depth study of a single phenomenon of accretion use of material – personal study
  • Questionnaire related to a topic / person in which the recipient of the interview is asked – Interview
  • Questionnaire returned by a respondent which is used to gather social content – Questionnaire
  • the quality that is given to a preamble according to established knowledge or truth to some extent – validity

85. Correct statement

  • In India, the computation method is used every 10 years during the census.
  • Guidance method is most used in social reform and conservation.
  • Census Method – If the researcher sets up an individual group and studies it is called the computation method.
  • Example method – If the researcher selects some members as representatives and studies the facts by compiling them, it is called the Sampling method.

Research Design : Methods of Data Collection (Part – 4)

86. Match

  • A vision to develop the initial thick of a – scenario
  • Accurately measuring and reporting the symptoms of the study scenario or any macro -search
  • Explanation of specific expectations about the nature of things derived from the theory – Explanation
  • Exploring and informing the relationship between different aspects of the landscape under study – Unit of analysis

87. Report writing is a process

  • Determination of the nature and purpose of the report
  • Formulating the report
  • Report drafting

88. Match

  • Street corner society – participant overview
  • American Soldier – Interview Method
  • Afluact worker – Questionnaire method
  • Law with – personal study

89. Match

  • Regional Sources – Information received from individuals
  • Historical Sources – Inscriptions
  • Secondary Source – Public Documents
  • Direct Source – Overview

90. Match

  • Editing – inspection of the base material
  • Classification – systematically division into various categories
  • Tabulation – Explicit and Comparable
  • Analysis – Study of tabular content

91. Matching

  • SPSS – Software
  • Library – Primary source receipt
  • McIver – ethical research
  • Bogardus – illustration method

92. What are the characteristics of a successful interview that Gardner and Elliot gave? – Before, reach, inspiration

93. well-matched

  • Interval Scale – Difference between numbers equal
  • ordinal – order of classes
  • Face measurement – qualitative difference
  • Proportional measurement – adjust all properties and display real difference

94. Match

  • Composite Questionnaire – both closed and open questions
  • Open questionnaire – answer ahead of each question
  • Fact questionnaire – information about social facts
  • Graphical Questionnaire – Answers to questions through pictures.

95. Match

  • Overview – Primary Source
  • Published Source – Secondary Source
  • SPSS – Software

Definition of Department

96. Statement (A) Higher reliability and accuracy is found in data obtained from computation method.

Reason (R) In this method, data is established by contacting the individual unit of the entire area.

  • Both A and R are correct and R is the correct explanation of A

97. Statement (A) Computation method is more useful for a wide area and area of variations.

Reason (R) Use of this method is considered more suitable where computation studies are needed.

  • A is false, but R is correct

98. Statement (A) is a very expensive method of computation method.

Reason (R) In this, information is collected from each unit of the aggregate.

  • Both A and R are correct and R is the correct explanation of A

99. Statement (A) The conclusions obtained from the illustration system are reliable and accurate.

  • Reason (R) The researcher’s focus is on certain units.
  • Both A and R are correct and R is the correct explanation of A

100. Statement (A) Representation of individuals in social research Choosing for demonstration is very complicated.

Reason (R) There is a lot of diversity among different people of the society.

  • Both A and R are correct, but R is not the correct explanation of A.

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