Research Design : Methods of Data Collection (Part – 4)

Research Design : Methods of Data Collection (Part – 4)

61. Objective of interview – exploration and description

62. Generally used in qualitative research.

  • Unstructured Interview, -Structured Interview

63. The primary data is called – by the enumerator himself.

  • Using previously compiled data

64. Primary figures are those – collected for the first time by the researcher.

65. Information collected from schedules is – more reliable than a questionnaire.

Research Design : Methods of Data Collection (Part – 3)

66. The objectives of the questionnaire are – Saves time, money and labor.

  • Obtaining information by confidentiality, which cannot be obtained by other means.
  • Its main objective is to compile real and natural information from a wide area.

67. Sampling method involves

  • Random sampling
  • Non-random sampling
  • Group sampling

68. Correct statement for primary data

  • Primary figures are fundamental.
  • Primary data are suitable for the purpose of research.
  • Vigilance is not required in the use of primary data.
  • Compilation of primary data requires more time, labor and money.

69. is a qualitative method used in social research.

  • Interview Directory
  • Interactive Overview
  • life history

70. The main reason for the computation method is

• Its data has precision and reliability.

• Get detailed information about each unit of the composite.

71. Matching

  • Managerial people from a large population Selection for study – sample
  • Failure to select representative sample An idea whose reasons for change – sampling error
  • There is no concern with dependent thought Between two or more affected ideas – independent thought
  • Testimonial about the relationship – hypothesis

72. What is the normative method of social research? – Questionnaire

73. What are taken care of to make the data useful and important?

  • Statistics must be reliable.
  • The meanings of the data should be complete and appropriate.
  • The plan for data collection must adapt to local conditions.

74. Which sources are under primary source of data?

  • observation, oral investigation
  • Question Schedules, Interviews

75. Correct the logical steps inherent in fact analysis

  • Content classification, – Coding, – Content entry, – Material cleaning

Definition of Department

76. Features of questionnaire

  • Organized, individually administered, simple and clear

77. What are the benefits of the paradigm system?

  • Pure conclusions are obtained.
  • Administrative system is facilitated.
  • Saves time.

78. Match

  • Bogardus – The method of selection is the selection of a fixed percentage in a group of units according to a predetermined scheme.
  • Sinpao Young – A statistical example is a representative part of the whole group.
  • PV Young – Statistical illustration is a representative fraction of the whole group in which or is represented.
  • Good and Hot – The show is a small representative of Vishal’s entire.

79. A good report has its characteristics.

  • Should be beautiful and attractive.
  • The facts must be presented in logical order.
  • Title, graph, photo etc. should be used in specific ways to make the report more attractive.
  • In a good report, the facts should be analyzed or explained in a clear form on a scientific level so that after reading the report, people are convinced that what is said in the report is not imaginary.

80. Which reference is used when there is less response or if the target is completely unknown or difficult to reach the respondent – description, investigation


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