Research Design : Methods of Data Collection (Part – 6)

Research Design : Methods of Data Collection (Part – 6)

101. Statement (A) page, the transfer of a moral rule person is a sense of his right and wrong.

Reason (R) SPSS Pneumatics and Numerals occur.

  • A is correct, but R is false.

102. Statement (A) Determining the nature and purpose of the report is the way of writing the report.

Reason (R) is the level of the process of writing and designing the report.

  • Both A and R are correct and R is the correct explanation of A

103. Statement (A) is the attached source behind the reference bibliographic report.

Reason (R) The author’s name falls under the reference book.

  • Both A and R are correct and R is the correct explanation of A

104. Statement (A) is the procedure for converting qualitative facts into qualitative facts.

Reason (R) Editing means inspection of collected base material and correction of mistakes.

  • Both A and R are correct, but R is not the correct explanation of A.

105. Statement (A) SPSS is used for research work.

Reason (R) Ethical rules are accepted by the entire community, but the community does not agree.

  • A is correct, but R is false.

Research Design : Methods of Data Collection (Part – 5)

Dec 2014

106. Helps reduce deficiencies (decrease) in sampling – increase in sample size

107. Lottery method is used in sample selection for the purpose of – randomization

June 2015

108. Major advantage of structural observation as compared to survey-research – it helps the researcher to have a direct overview of the behavior of individuals.

109. “Science is for life, life is not for science” This statement emphasizes the importance of whom. – Research work

110. A method which is a systematic and detailed study method of a community, organization, group, etc., so that a social problem can be analyzed and diagnostic recommendations can be presented. What is known as – survey method

111. The example is – overall in which the sample is selected that the list of all the units

Dec 2015

112. “A fact is not just a random observation, but an empirical statement about the phenomenon. Whose statement is it – William J. Gude and Paul K. Hut

Aug 2016

113. Reasonable statement in the formulation of a questionnaire

  • Questions should always be brief.
  • A topic should be addressed by each question.
  • Such questions should be made which can be answered by the respondent conveniently.

114. With regard to data collection method

  • It is not economical.
  • Priority testing and skills are required of the equality interviewer.

115. What should be a good title of a research report / research article?

  • It should be clear.
  • He should be the reader’s attention.
  • It should be brief but not subject or incidental.

Definition of Department

Jan 2017

116. Summary part of the research report includes

  • Research Problem in a Nutshell
  • Research Methodology
  • major findings

117. Which method is used by the Commission and Committees constituted by the Government for investigation work – Personal Interview

118. Concerning the merits of the interview method of data compilation.

  • This method provides more flexibility to obtain information.
  • It helps in obtaining personal information in a simple way.
  • The observation method can also be used to record oral sons.

Nov 2017

119. In which sampling inaccuracy is absent – Census Survey

120. Regarding the process of editing data

  • It is a process of truncating data.
  • The quality of data can be improved for encoding.
  • Editing helps avoid the encoding problem.

Jul 2018

121. Regarding quality in interview method

  • Get more answers.
  • Greater reliability of answers.
  • Receipt of supplementary information.

122. According to Losely Kish is the basic problem of sample structure?

  • Missing elements, – External elements, – Dual entries, – Group clusters

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