POSDCORB Theory in Public Administration

POSDCORB Theory in Public Administration

The views expressed by Luther Gulick regarding the field of public administration are also relevant in the field of development administration. Luther gave a word regarding the field of administration, ‘POSDCORB’ Theory in Public Administration This word is the first letter of the following words:

P- Planning
O- Organization
S- Staffing
Co- coordination
R- Reporting
B- Budgeting

The field of development administration includes the formulation of schemes, organization of officers and other service groups, the task of arranging a series of employees so that each employee can be empowered and assigned to them in relation to the tasks to be performed. Necessary instructions can be given regarding The right to co-ordinate is also included under the area of ​​development administration. The main task is to establish coordination between the tasks assigned to various officers and employees so that repetition of tasks can be stopped. Under the field of development administration, major tasks like submission of report and formulation of budget are also included on the basis of various types of information and data.

Functions of the Staff Agencies


This approach appeared for two reasons
• To consider administration by management scholars as management.
• His concept of a universal administrative science.
Luther Gulick first discussed the principles that included Posadorb’s activities. Finally, Luther Gulick propounded the POSDCORB ideology with the first letters of the English words of the 7 managerial works.

P = (Planning) This is the first action of administration, under which the work to be done is outlined. Under this, the necessary work-policies are determined for the purpose. Like what to do? Who will? How will When will Etc. assessment and planning.

O = (Organizing) under it the division of administration functions and allocation in such a way that
• The right person can get the right job.
• Each person can be assigned power in proportion to the work and accordingly his responsibility can be fixed.
• Determining work relations between personnel.

S = (Staffing) organization, training and posting of persons as required.

Concept of District Administration

D = (directing) to direct the personnel towards the objectives of the work and to ensure that they perform their tasks as expected. This includes control.

CO = (Coordinating) Establishing the unity of objectives among all the units, sub-units, personnel, etc. of the organization, creating cooperation or team spirit among them and avoiding conflicts is the main task of administration, which is called coordination.

R = (Report) is aware of the activities of subordinate levels through higher management report. Orders at subordinate levels from above would have been issued on this basis. Huh. Under this, both the high-subordinates remain informed.

B = (Budgeting or Financial Arrangement) Administration is responsible for meeting all its financial needs and looking after income and expenditure. The financial executive assesses the financial needs in public administration and administrators work accordingly.