Love and affection

Love and affection

The entire world is immersed in fascination and illusion. The craving for love and maya is constantly increasing in life. Impatience is becoming an obstacle in the path of peace. Anxiety is making humans stressful. Love and affection are momentary bliss of life, while love is an eternal undertaking, a never-ending nectar. Love and affection indulge in feelings of selfishness. Love has philanthropic qualities. The madness of a human obsessed with fascination and illusion always proves painful for others.

Learn to face the problem

Love is the voice of inspiration. There is a unique feeling of intimacy. Love always keeps a person energetic, while Love and affection make human life monotonous after some time. They distract life from duty. In its charge, a human forgets his virtues and falls prey to poison and boast. There is a sense of surrender and sacrifice in love, whereas love and maya only have the desire to achieve. Everything starts to become secondary to its own benefit. The path of love is very difficult. Only the skill of hurting oneself can cross that path and mix it with the destination of love.

Good will

Love can be attained only with purity and simplicity. When the mind and soul begin to fall in love with the lover, then love truly reaches its culmination. Love that rests on the body is only an attachment to lusts. Infatuation can break, but love never dissolves. Love is an unbroken, renewable and supernatural expression. Only love can make a human being. Only the sweetness of love can increase the sense of friendship in the world. Love and affection increase the distances, but the love brings the distance closer and brings us closer to our loved ones. So love, stay away from attachment and illusion.

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