Best way to get respect

The best way to get respect is to respect others. When we respect someone, he also respects us in response. Good behavior is liked by all and bad behavior is not good for anyone. We can make many our own by just saying hello or thank you.

Organizational theories

Many people give more importance to things. Such people believe that when they have all the material comforts, why should they say hello or thanks to someone. Man should never boast about worldly things. These things are part of our life, not our life. Man’s life is with man, not with any physical object. Human beings should always keep in mind that they use physical things, but never let physical things be used. Every human should try to establish an ideal in society through his behavior and deeds. To do this, he has to increase the scope of his thinking, because it is not possible to do so with a narrow mindset. Our knowledge increases as we develop our thinking. Then we realize that every human being is like us and we greet them in the same way.

Love and affection

Conduct is the makeup of human beings, so all of us should always behave decently. Whenever we speak about someone else, it should be positive and we should never do evil behind anyone’s back. Man should abandon hatred. A man burns himself in disgust, while by love he not only spreads a smile on the other’s face, but also feels good himself.


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