Malnutrition can also increase the risk of zika

Malnutrition can also be a cause of infection of zika virus in infants from birth. In a new study, researchers have also found the relationship of Congenital Zika Syndrome (CZS) to poor diet for pregnant women. Researchers said that the effect of this syndrome is so severe in the baby’s body that he has to face many problems. The study, published in the journal Science Advance, states that this virus blocks the growth of the brain along with the shape of the head of the infant. In addition, the retina becomes abnormal and the blood vessels in the heart become enlarged.

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Jolton Molnar, a researcher at the University of Oxford University in Britain and co-author of the study, said, “We know that CZS cases are the most common among children in areas of Brazil that have the lowest socio-economic status.” Therefore, our claim is also strengthened that lack of nutrition increases the risk of Zika virus in children. ‘

Studies done on mice: According to the study, congenital zika virus infections make environmental co-factors such as lack of protein in food, more deadly. To assess the effects on the health of newborns due to protein deficiency, researchers studied mice infected with zika virus that lacked protein in their diet. During this time he found that many such symptoms were found on malnourished mice which are also found in humans.

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Brain Size Decreases: Molnar said, “When we gave rats unnatural food to the mice and assessed its effects, we found that, like humans, there were many changes in their embryos. Nutritional deficient food showed placenta damage, irregular fetal development and decreased brain size of newborns. ”He said that nutritional deficiency was also seen in the mother of mice. She herself was unable to fight the zika virus.

More studies are needed: Molnar said, “Through this study we have been able to identify the cellular system responsible for the infection of zika in different humans.” However, researchers said that improving diet may not prevent zika infection, it can only determine the severity of the syndrome. Molnar stated, “We need more study to get to the bottom of these conclusions.” But it is true that Zika infection spreads rapidly due to malnutrition.

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