Eating walnuts will keep women healthy in old age

Eating walnuts will keep women healthy in old age. A new benefit of nut consumption has emerged. A study has found that eating walnuts daily can help women stay healthy in old age. Having no mental problems or major illness at the age of 65 is considered healthy old age. According to researchers at the Bordeaux Population Health Research Center in France, women who eat fifty grams of walnuts every week at the age of 50 may be healthier than women who do not consume walnuts. This conclusion has been drawn on the basis of studies done on 33 thousand 931 women. An earlier study also found that walnut intake may have a positive effect on the prevention of physical disability in old age and the risk of memory decline. There was also a decrease in the risk of heart disease and type-2 diabetes.

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New sensor can detect the danger of heart failure

Researchers have developed a new wearable sensor. With the help of this sensor equipped with Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology, doctors can anticipate the risk of heart failure in patients living in remote areas. According to researchers at the University of Utah, USA, “The results of the study suggest that we can make an accurate estimate of the risk of heart failure before the patient is detected.” This can help physicians to take preventive measures in time. ”Researchers have tested the new sensor on about 100 patients aged 68 years on average. This system was found to be able to estimate accurately up to 80 percent.

Consumption of fruits reduces the risk of stroke