District Administration Concept and Emergence (Part – 4)

1. In the British era, how was the District Collector more powerful than the present day Collector?

  • At that time the District Officer also had new rights.
  • Acted as the revenue officer of the District Officer in the British period.
  • Functions of District Officer at present time
  • Administration of the district
  • As the head of the District Planning Council
  • As the head of the District Disaster Management Committee
  • In implementing welfare programs in the district
  • Towards public relations as a representative of the government
  • As District Election Officer
  • Working as District Census Officer
  • Manage the public distribution system in a systematic manner
  • In implementing the district’s welfare programs

2. Is the district administration due to it being the administrative unit of India?

  • District of the unit of regional administration.
  • The district administration functions as a liaison between the citizens and the government.
  • It has existed since ancient times.
  • 3. The importance of the Collector in modern times has reduced compared to the British period.
  • Due to the constitutional recognition of the role of local bodies in decentralization planning.

4. Correct statement about the Collector

  • The District Magistrate presents the annual administrative report of the district.
  • He serves as the coordinator of the State Election Commissioner at the time of election.
  • The District Magistrate is the head of the District Census Officer at the time of census.

5. The District Collector of India has to perform many duties and responsibilities.

  • As District Administration
  • As District Judge

District Administration Concept and Emergence (Part – 3)

6. Correct statement

  • As District Census Officer, the District Magistrate is responsible for the census work in the district once in 10 years.
  • Approval of many types of licenses is not the job of District Magistrate.

7. Functions of District Officer as a Collector

  • Government property management
  • Approve land revenue work

8. Correct statement

  • The Collector of India as the Collector takes relief measures in disasters like fire, drought, flood etc.
  • Assesses and presents relief of crop losses to national plagues.
  • Also performs the task of liberating prisoners on the parale.
  • Prisoners can be released before the end of their sentence.

9. Match

  • Board of Revenue                           –                  1786
  • Municipal Corporation                    –                  1687
  • Divisional Commissioner               –                  1829
  • Collector                                           –                  1772

10. The structure of district administration is organized into a philanthropic act.

  • District level administrative headquarters
  • Subdivision headquarters elsewhere

11. Correct statement

  • The District Officer is responsible for providing relief work in times of disasters.
  • District Collector was made the Chairman of District Disaster Management under Disaster Management Act 2005.
  • The Panchayat Officer decides to recommend schemes for forest development.
  • Creates the development plan of the district through the Planning Committee as District Development Officer.

12. Three levels of officers of District Administration are found, fall under the first level.

  • District Agricultural Officer
  • Collector

13. Match

  • District Revenue Officer – Tamil Nadu
  • Additional District Magistrate – Uttar Pradesh
  • District Development Officer – Gujarat
  • Chief Executive Officer – Maharashtra

14. What was the lacchina pattern done by the then Collector of Ahmednagar in 1984?

  • Simplifying the office process in which files and records are easily available.
  • Its main objective is to fulfill the responsibility of the district administration.

Functions of the chief executive

15. About Sarkaria Commission

  • All administrative development related to the district will be under the control of this executive officer.
  • Recommended to create the post of Chief Executive Officer at district level in Ashok Mehta Committee.

16. Correct statement

  • The term district is derived from Latin language.
  • The first use of the term district was in the year 1776.
  • On 2 October 1980, a new program called Integrated Development Program was launched across the country aimed at the welfare of people living below the poverty line.
  • The District Rural Development Agency constituted at the district level is headed by the Collector in each district.

17. About District Rural Development Agency (DRDA)

  • The District Rural Development Agency program was started from 1 April 1999.
  • This includes strengthening rural development and making them more professional in their work.
  • The District Rural Development Agency has a full-time executive officer, usually senior Indian Administrative Service officer before the State Administrative Service.
  • The District Rural Development Agency has to send the details to the state government through the prescribed procedure.

18. Match

  • Assam                           –                  North Kakhar hill district
  • Meghalaya                    –                  Tripura Tribal Area District
  • Tripura                          –                  Khasi Hill District
  • Mizoram                        –                  Chakma District

19. Correct statement

  • District Industries Center is not a technical arm of DRDA.
  • Guarantee has been given to provide employment for 150 days in MNREGA.

20. Match

  • Garo Hill District                     –                  Meghalaya
  • Mara District                           –                  Mizoram
  • Tripura Tribal Area District   –                  Tripura
  • Karbi Anglong District          –                  Assam