In the time cycle, new and old do not matter

In the cycle of new and old there is no meaning, it is a tripartite but single, continuous identity of past-present-future. Kaal is envisaged as a circle which rotates forward and never returns to its former state. The axis of this cycle is the present, with the past at one end and the future at the other. ‘Can not be bathed twice in a river’ means that the condition that has passed will not come back exactly the same way. Variability is the condition of liveness, which keeps the creation moving. Situations and circumstances are not permanent, they have to change. If it is permanent, then the divine form of man, which has to be absorbed in its original place, the ultimate power.

Enjoyment and renunciation

Nature has a law, there will be continuous growth in behavior and thinking that are adapted to one-time life. Love, harmony, kindness in the heart, whatever sentiments will cherish and irrigate, will continue to deepen over time. Nevertheless, committed people who are able to see the errors in the lifestyle adopted and willing to make amends, are ready and willing to give a new direction to life. Those who consider the present as hay from the past or who are always engrossed in the thoughts of a golden future will be deprived of the present pleasures. Those who understand the variability of time remain confident that even if those days are not there, these days will not last. It is his nature to taste each moment of life. Nothing will happen tomorrow, it will not come. This tendency cancels out the dullness and despair of life spontaneously, does not allow its life to become boring. Filled with hope and cheerfulness, he believes in leading a meaningful life. He does not succumb to the problems and problems that inevitably come in life. He realizes that man’s path to life is not tested by his failures, but by his resurrection and being resilient with indomitable courage and enthusiasm.

Life in relationships