Rituals in spiritual programs

People have different opinions about rituals in spiritual programs. In rituals, Panchopachara or Shodashopchar worship process is also considered in any ritual of worship, ritual of sacrifice. In the same ritual, there are arguments regarding resolutions, donations, dakshina, Manglik programs and post mortem etc. Some people call it hypocrisy, while ritualists associate it with faith and consider spiritual rituals unfruitful without legal rituals. Till the completion of spiritual programs, certain prohibitions should be considered as a helpful way of awakening the prohibition in life and rituals should be considered as a precursor to focus the mind for some kind of work in any area of ​​life.

Effort and hard work are necessary for a successful and meaningful life

Many tasks and postures to be done before chanting a small mantra are only for the mind to concentrate. During the ritual process, the unbridled mind starts getting ready for worship or ritual and when the mind is fully ready, then there is a feeling of favorable waves during the worship, when in the state of disorientation, when worship begins It is not known when it is over.

Purpose of Human Life

Resolution is taken in spiritual rituals. While taking resolution, the mind is prepared for auspicious work. If you lose your mind in any work, there will not be quality in work. In the name of ritual, sin is wrong. This work does some selfishness. Whereas a worshiper or religious person offers money or gives Dakshina, then the feeling of ending attachment with such wealth arises. Otherwise, due to high attachment towards money, sometimes the person does not meet the extreme needs of the members of the household while living. Spending money is sometimes seen by spending money in service to parents. The attachment of wealth makes a person cruel. Ruthlessness is fatal to the household, family and society.