Happy New Year 2020

Out with the old, among the new! May the year 2020 bring you a wonderful surprise and good luck

May 2020 brings a new beginning, new aspirations and inspiring successes. Walk gracefully and reach greater heights!

Enjoyment and renunciation

Sometimes she laughs, sometimes she cries
This life also shows many colors.
Even after laughing, there is moisture in the eyes
Do not know what memories it settles in the heart
Pray on the occasion of this new year
Always smile on my friends’ love
Because every smile of them gives us happiness.

Remember no sad moments
Take care of your existence even in a storm
Happy life to someone,
Just think that you take care of yourself,

Life in relationships

Love is cute every year
No day of the year should be useless
Do not break your relationship
Happy new year 2020

2019 has passed the year of 2020
Do something new this year that gives immense happiness
Be well with everyone
Start new year
Happy New Year 2020

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