Air pollution can weaken bones

Air pollution can weaken bones

Recent research has revealed new side effects on health from air pollution. Scientists say that exposure to air pollution can also weaken bones. Pollution has also led to many dangers from lung cancer to shortness of breath and stroke. However, there has not been much study on the effect of pollution on bones. The research involved 3,700 people from 28 border villages of Hyderabad. Researchers based on a model to assess how long a person faces pollution. His bones were then examined. Scientists have found that people who are more prone to pollution, their bones become weak.

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Pears are helpful in reducing weight

If you also want to lose weight and stay healthy in the new year, then include a fruit in your routine. The name of this fruit is pear. According to recent research, pear intake can be helpful in reducing weight. High-fiber pears are also considered beneficial for the heart. Scientists said that whether it is due to metabolic problems or diabetes and heart diseases, this fruit is beneficial in every case. Its benefits have also been seen in common problems like constipation and serious diseases like cancer. Scientists say that there has not been much research before on the properties of pears towards reducing weight. Its quality is more appealing to the people.

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